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You Got This Leopard Print Inspirational Blanket | Positive Affirmations Blanket

You Got This Leopard Print Inspirational Blanket | Positive Affirmations Blanket

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Blanket Size and Fabric Guide

Our blankets are available in a soft, brushed fleece in 3 sizes. Please check out the size image and fabric example image to find the perfect option for you.


  • All of our blankets are brushed fleece. This brushed micro-fleece is made with ultra-fine microfiber yarns for a fluffy finish that is still lightweight for comfort. We love this fabric, which is sometimes referred to as a type of minky, for our blankets because it is ultra soft. Besides its softness, the brushed fleece is the perfect fabric because of its versatility. It will keep you nice and warm, while still being light weight. This makes it easy to throw in a tote bag for travel or to take to chemotherapy treatments each week. It also washes well and can be dried on the low setting.


  • Small 30"x40" - Perfect to give as a baby blanket gift. It also makes a nice lap blanket or shoulder wrap for an adult.
  • Medium 50"x60" - Great for lounging on the couch or as a top blanket when recovering in bed. This is our most popular size when given as a gift for an adult. It folds or rolls up nicely to fit inside one of our larger tote bags with plenty of room to spare.
  • Large 60"x80" - Makes a nice blanket for a man or taller woman. The width and length make this blanket perfect to really snuggle under with full coverage.
Size and Fabric

Get cozy and inspired with our You Got This Leopard Print Inspirational Blanket. The soft and warm material features a bold leopard print and positive affirmations. Perfect as a thoughtful gift, chemo care package, or get well soon gesture. You got this!

Get ready to snuggle up in style with our You Got This Leopard Print Inspirational Blanket. This cozy masterpiece features a captivating leopard print background adorned with the empowering phrase "You Got This" in hot pink. The combination of fierce style and positive affirmations makes this blanket a must-have for those seeking comfort and motivation.

As more than just a warm accessory, this Leopard Print "You Got This" Inspirational Blanket is a thoughtful and empowering gift. The bold leopard print adds a touch of wild elegance, ensuring it's not just a blanket but a stylish statement piece for any space. Whether you're gifting it to uplift someone's spirits or as a gesture of encouragement, this blanket is the perfect choice.

Beyond its cozy appeal, this blanket serves as a thoughtful and empowering gift, offering a stylish statement piece that uplifts any space. The bold leopard print design exudes wild elegance, making it more than just a blanket but a fashion-forward addition to your surroundings. Whether you're looking to boost someone's spirits or provide a gesture of encouragement, this blanket is the perfect choice.

Explore the full Luxe Palette collection to complement your Leopard Print "You Got This" Inspirational Blanket with other inspiring products. Our Inspirational Quote Blankets feature uplifting messages suitable for various occasions, while our Floral Blankets add a touch of nature, ideal for special moments like Mother's Day or birthdays. Elevate the gift by pairing the blanket with our Mantra Jewelry pieces, creating a meaningful ensemble. Stay inspired on the go with our Quote Thermal Tumbler, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages, and complete your unique gift care package by tossing everything into one of our Inspirational Tote Bags.

Available in a variety of fabrics and sizes, this Leopard Print "You Got This" blanket caters to diverse needs. Whether it's a heartwarming gift for a newborn or a comforting gesture for someone undergoing chemotherapy, this blanket ensures both warmth and motivation. Exclusive to Luxe Palette, each piece is crafted with love in Phoenix, Arizona, embodying our commitment to quality and uniqueness.

Explore our extensive collection of blankets and accessories suitable for every occasion, from gifts for parents and kids to those in need of a little boost. For additional ideas on the best gifts for cancer patients and thoughtful get-well-soon gifts, delve into our blog. Embrace the extraordinary blend of style and inspiration at Luxe Palette, where each piece serves as a statement of empowerment!

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