best gifts for cancer patients

Best Gifts for Cancer Patients

best gifts for cancer patients

It's common to feel helpless when you find out a loved one has cancer. Finding a way to help them feel better is a priority, but what can we do? What are the best gifts to give a cancer patient? Here we have compiled a list of some thoughtful, useful and comforting gifts that can help someone undergoing cancer treatment whether they were just recently diagnosed with cancer, are starting chemotherapy, or have been battling the disease for many years. 

Put together a chemo care package on your own, or join forces with some friends and add a bunch of items that can help your loved one feel more comfortable as they recover from chemotherapy or radiation. When my mom was undergoing chemo treatment, we pulled together many of these items to help with her comfort and mood during this difficult time.

Here are some ideas for a get well soon chemotherapy care package that can be adapted for both men and women:

  • soft and cozy blanket for chemo - a warm chemotherapy blanket that your friend can bring with them to each treatment will help keep them warm. Our inspirational quote blankets are ultra-soft and make one of the best gifts for cancer patients for a few reasons. They are comfy and warm, but thin enough to toss into a tote bag to take to chemotherapy. This will help keep your loved one comfortable throughout treatment and while recovering at home. Having an inspirational quote blanket that was given as a gift will make your loved one feel as if you are there with them at all their treatments even when you can't be there. As they are wrapped in their comforting chemo gift they will feel as if they are wrapped in your love. This is one of our favorite get well soon gifts to give.
  • lip balm - a natural lip balm may be better due to sensitivity during cancer recovery.
  • hand moisturizer - we suggest unscented because chemo patients can often be sensitive to smells.
  • magazines - this can help pass the time while receiving an infusion or while recovering at home.
  • water bottle - chemo patients must drink lots of water to stay hydrated, so a thermal travel mugs or water bottle is a great addition to add to a chemo care gift bag.
  • mints or ginger chews - chemotherapy patients can have nausea and a metallic taste in their mouth, so having some mints or ginger chews can help. Some chemo patients avoid sugar, so you may want to look for sugar-free ones that are sweetened with xylitol instead.
  • cozy socks - chemo patients can get cold and having some thick and comfy socks can help keep them warm during recovery.
  • inspirational jewelry - while not the most practical get well gift on the list, wearing an inspirational bracelet with a special mantra or a quote necklace can have a mood lifting effect on a cancer patient. Our inspirational jewelry makes a great gift that can be added to a chemo care package. It is something that your loved one can wear daily as a reminder of how strong they are. 
  • scarf - especially if you live in a chilly climate, a scarf to keep their neck warm can help them feel comfortable and may even help soothe a rough throat that can sometimes occur during chemotherapy.
  • beanie - this will keep your friend's head warm as they travel back and forth to treatment.
  • adult coloring book with colored pencils - these items can help pass the time for a cancer patient and can help distract him or her from the stress of dealing with cancer treatment and recovery.
  • journal - your loved one can use a journal to document their journey to recovery, or simply use it as a way to keep track of instructions given by the doctor. He or she could also use it to jot down "to do" items when they may be dealing with what some people call "chemo brain".
  • note pad - this is a similar idea to the journal and will be helpful as they need to jot things down to remember them later.
  • zipper pouch - a makeup bag or zipper pouch can help keep things organized for your friend as he or she goes back and forth to chemotherapy. It can be useful to keep the lip balm, moisturizer, pens and pencils, and any pill bottles they need to keep with them. We have some inspirational quote pouches that would be perfect to throw into a chemo care package.
  • tote bag - pack all your chemo care items into an inspirational tote bag to complete your gift package.
  • religious gifts - for some people, having a scripture or faith based gift will help make them feel better and help remind them that God is guiding and protecting them on their journey. Our religious gift collection includes some blankets with bible or scripture and some other general reminders that God is with you like our Wrapped in God's Love blanket or our Faith Over Fear blankets. We also have some beautiful religious jewelry like our Trust in the Lord bracelet and our Amazing Grace bracelet.

Now that you have created the perfect chemo care package for your loved one, place all the items in a chemo tote bag so they can take everything with them to chemotherapy or radiation.  

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