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If Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemon Drops Blanket

If Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemon Drops Blanket

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Blanket Size and Fabric Guide

Our blankets are available in a soft, brushed fleece in 3 sizes. Please check out the size image and fabric example image to find the perfect option for you.


  • All of our blankets are brushed fleece. This brushed micro-fleece is made with ultra-fine microfiber yarns for a fluffy finish that is still lightweight for comfort. We love this fabric, which is sometimes referred to as a type of minky, for our blankets because it is ultra soft. Besides its softness, the brushed fleece is the perfect fabric because of its versatility. It will keep you nice and warm, while still being light weight. This makes it easy to throw in a tote bag for travel or to take to chemotherapy treatments each week. It also washes well and can be dried on the low setting.


  • Small 30"x40" - Perfect to give as a baby blanket gift. It also makes a nice lap blanket or shoulder wrap for an adult.
  • Medium 50"x60" - Great for lounging on the couch or as a top blanket when recovering in bed. This is our most popular size when given as a gift for an adult. It folds or rolls up nicely to fit inside one of our larger tote bags with plenty of room to spare.
  • Large 60"x80" - Makes a nice blanket for a man or taller woman. The width and length make this blanket perfect to really snuggle under with full coverage.
Size and Fabric

Introducing our vibrant and uplifting "If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Drops" Inspirational Blanket – a burst of color and positivity to brighten any space and lift the spirits. This brightly colored blanket features a lively lemon and flower motif against a backdrop of cheerful green, yellow, and pink hues. Drape it over the arm of a couch or chair to instantly infuse any room with a touch of warmth and happiness.

This inspirational blanket is not just a stylish accessory; it's a source of encouragement for those facing challenging moments. The motivating quote, "If life gives you lemons, make lemon drops," serves as a reminder to find joy and sweetness in every situation. Take this blanket with you to a chemo infusion or during surgery to create a light and cheery atmosphere, providing a much-needed dose of inspiration during difficult times.

But that's not all – this blanket also makes for a fun and thoughtful gift for your drinking buddies who may be going through a tough time. Imagine gifting them this vibrant and positive blanket as a reminder that, just like turning lemons into lemon drops, they have the strength to turn challenging moments into opportunities for joy and resilience.

Our mantra blankets are designed with both comfort and emotional well-being in mind. When you gift this blanket to someone special, you're not just giving them a cozy piece of fabric; you're wrapping them in your love and support. Each use becomes a reminder of your care, making it a thoughtful and enduring gift that goes beyond the ordinary.

Sending this blanket to friends, whether for challenging moments or simply to infuse everyday life with positivity, is akin to sending a virtual hug. The vibrant colors and positive message act as a comforting embrace, providing solace and encouragement whenever needed. It's a tangible expression of your camaraderie, a symbol of strength, and a whimsical touch to brighten their journey.

Whether it's a challenging moment or a desire to infuse joy into everyday life, the "If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Drops" Inspirational Blanket is a versatile and heartwarming companion. Elevate your loved one's spirits, bring a touch of joy to their journey, and make it a fun and uplifting gift for your drinking buddies who could use some encouragement in style.

We also have a more traditional If Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade Blanket. And check out all our inspirational quote blankets that make great gifts.

Our inspirational quote blankets make a wonderful gift as part of a chemo gift bag. Our gift blankets are thin enough to easily roll up to take along with you to a chemo infusion. Since they are brushed fleece, they hold in warmth really well and will help keep your loved one toasty warm while sitting in the chemo infusion chair or while in the waiting room.

We have inspirational quote blankets for any occasion. Give one of our floral blankets to grandma or mom for Mother’s Day or her birthday. Choose one of our cozy blankets to give to as a gift for dad or grandpa on Father’s day, his birthday, or as a unique holiday gift. Our baby blankets are perfect for the newest addition to your family. We have kids’ blankets that are just the thing to give to a child that is in need of a little boost. We also have a collection of spiritual and faith based gifts that will make a perfect gift for a religious loved one. Most of our blankets also make the perfect get well soon gift for all ages. 

Pair one of our inspirational blankets with a mantra jewelry piece and a quote thermal tumbler. Toss it all into an inspirational tote bag to create the most unique and cherished gift care package you can give. If you are looking specifically for a get well soon gift, then a blanket is just the thing. Check out our ideas for good gifts for chemo patients for suggestions of other things that would make great get well soon gifts


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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
You’ve Got This blanket

Very soft and beautiful blanket! Bought this for my friend who has cancer and she loves it. Thank you.


Pretty Blanket.

Marie R.
Beautiful soft blanket. AMAZING customer service!!!

I was very pleased with the beautiful, soft, blanket that I ordered. But, I did have a shipping issue, that I caused myself - it was NOT their fault. Nonetheless, their customer service was beyond awesome! They got back to me right away, they solved my issue, they were kind, polite and professional… I haven’t dealt with a company like this one in a very long time! I’m beyond pleased!

Thank you, Marie for the nice review! I'm glad we could help you out!

Diane P.

This well made and beautiful blanket was a perfect gift for our friend fighting cancer. Every time she uses it, she will be reminded of the friends that love and support her. Customer service was outstanding and even added the personal note for us, after I overlooked it at check out! Thank you!

Hi Diane - Thank you so much for the kind review! We hope this blanket gives your friend some comfort during her battle.

Susan A.
Paisley blanket

I bought this for my bosses granddaughter who is 11 w cancer, and she absolutely loves it. Thank you

Thank you, Susan, for the kind review! We hope this helps bring her a bit of comfort during this difficult time.