Chemotherapy Care Package Gift Ideas

Chemotherapy Care Package Gift Ideas

Finding out that someone has cancer is heartbreaking. Often, you feel overwhelmed with wanting to help but are unsure of what you can do. While thoughtful, flowers do not make the best gifts in this case because a sick person does not want to see flowers wilting around them. Candy is equally problematic because the patient may not be able to enjoy candy or chocolate during this time. So, the question remains - What should I get for a chemotherapy patient? We think we have some thoughtful options that will make your friend feel loved and comforted.

Here are some of our top gift ideas for chemotherapy patients:

Quote Blankets

It can get chilly while receiving chemotherapy, and often the blankets from the hospital or cancer center can be coarse and scratchy. Bringing your own blanket can help keep you warm and comfortable during treatment. Our quote blankets also have the bonus of offering inspiration and motivation to give the cancer patient hope during this difficult time. A chemo blanket will help remind the patient of how loved and cared for they are in this situation. Being wrapped in a blanket is like being wrapped in your love during treatment. 

Our chemo blankets make a great gift for those who are recovering at home as well. If your friend has had surgery or a mastectomy, they will spend a good deal of time lying around and recovering. A blanket with an inspirational quote will help comfort them during this time of healing.


A pillow is similar to a blanket in that it is a comforting gift. Give your loved one a place to lay his or her head during recovery from the side effects of chemotherapy or a mastectomy. Our pillows have inspirational quotes that help them remember that they are strong, loved, and brave.

Tote Bags

During chemotherapy, a patient is spending many hours in the cancer center each week. Having a tote bag specifically packed only for this purpose will help keep them organized and ensure that they will remember all of the important items they want to take with them. Our tote bags have inspirational hashtags or motivational quotes to give the chemo patient further hope that they can overcome this struggle.

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